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general rubbish thought

Hi there,

bored much. its killin' hot some more.

This is what I'm thinking currently. 
-He must be having splendid time since he's a guy
-He had so many friends that's why he's always M.I.A

part of the deal.

Hello, I miss writing. actually I wanna spill everything out and get it all clear. hows my life been so far? well not so bad. honestly being attached to people is the worst. just don't get attached to people. It sucks.

I miss being by myself, I miss being free. I've never like the idea of being a follower. I hated it. my life really was easy while not having too many people in it. simply just the ones important to me, the one that matters, that worth fighting for and the ones that are so good at not being judgmental and criticizing people. bitches do stuff like that. and I really wanna avoid being such an ass.

you know, I really don't care about what people had in their life. like it really isn't my concern. I hated to have shits like that on my mind. why bother other people when you can't even settled with yours right? every single time I was put in those situation, I really felt like stepping away. I really wanna say it out loud that I don't care. you can tal…