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I am so into kitchen like SOOOOOO into? I don't even know where to begin,,,

let see. I have been dreaming about having my own kitchen. my very own personal since I learn how to cook or even bake. I love cooking I really do. I love being there on my own. but the thing is I don't have my own kitchen. I live with my parents, so its their kitchen not mine. and there is a big difference about it.

Having your own K (kitchen) means, you have your own money, means you can have whatever you want to have in your K, literally anything cause its your money, means you can cook as you pleased, like "man do you get me?" Its feels like your soul is free to whatever happiness means. please get the picture.


Living on your parents K means its their money. THEIRS. when its theirs, you don't have the full control of whats in the K. this is upsetting. you can only cook what they bought, okay sometimes they allow you to have what you want to get but not every time …

The song

I have been crazy in love with this song called "aspyn's song". the lyrics is amazing and the rhythm, I could say no more. It is so nice. 
I came across this song because I've been following this aspyn and parker vlog. and this song is actually wrote by their friend which is also the original singer named alex. This song is so nice. 
just hear it out and you're gonna love it. btw, If I would have dedicate this song to someone, it will be you. and you know who you are. I've been thinking about you all the time that I play this song. and I keep listening to it. 

Secrets. How I handle em'

Assalamualaikum, Hi.

everyone has their own secrets right? who doesn't?

I am a secretive person. I kept it down below. yes that's who I am.
But its not like I don't tell anything at all. I have principle in the secrets I kept.

such as:

-If its humiliating. anyone. I repeat "anyone" (friends, fam's, enemy, etc) then I  won't tell.
because you represents others. not just yourselves, (that! you have to remember my friend). if you humiliate people. you eventually humiliating yourself in the process. so lets cut it. lives a little healthy.

-When people ask me to kept theirs.
you know what? you always have something that you wanted to share. cause you're human. and that is perfectly normal. so if people ask for your help, consider yourself lucky. cause you're trustworthy. so don't go behind and break it. lives with pride on. honesty is always the best policy.

-When I try not to breaks anyones heart because of myself.
THIS! this is honestly a very dange…