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Random I guess?

I think my head always kinda have amazing things going around but not so good when it comes to expressing it in a good structured way. either literally nor verbally. but yes i tried to, and only after trying so hard- a piece of writing is all I got. so yes I'm more to literal than verbal.

kadang-kadang kan this feeling of not able to express verbally kinda make me say things like this on my head:
-kan bagus kalau dia boleh baca fikiran aku.
-kan bagus kalau dia boleh nampak how my fantasy works like in here "brain".
(I always thought ridiculously)

yet of course I only wish for this at certain occurrences in my life. takdelah sampai boleh baca semua benda every second. bahaya. tapi kan on a quick reminder, my lecturer once said that "fantasy does not make reality on its own" jadi kita lah yang kena turns it into reality, who else's will? right?

actually dah of topics.


come again, I had amazing thing on head, but not good at expressing it in a good st…

due to not sleeping


Guess what? I cannot sleep. at first I thought I want to take a nap for about an hour or so, planning to wake up at 5am. but then, as I try to sleep, my brain goes rapidly thinking and showing no point of stopping.

I think its because my body clock is changing. its been four days now that I only managed to sleep for a coupled of two to three hours. some school stuff and dancing practice. phewwww, I know I needed sleep but all I can worried about is getting headache during the day and my dancing steps that I just practices.

I don't know how to thank rau mostly cause she's been more than a helping hand this semester. I don't know what has gotten into me but I went totally lost about group work too. I have no motivation at all. I'm stressing out until all I did is nothing at all except for sleeping. I know its bad. I tried too, like be there to help. I  wanted to help, I did help, but I know how little I did. If I pressed myself to hard on trying to get over it…