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Expectations everywhere. Get Over It.

It is always so tiring and frustrating to live up to someone else's expectations and because I don't really care of what people think of me despite of who I am, I decided to go by my own way. people can say I'm traditional but as I said I just don't care.

let people talk, let people say, they can judge, I will allow, cause they don't know who I am, how I am or even how I was born and raised. They saw only what I choose to portray. And because of that too, I believe that I have the responsibility to portray good things, just because I trust that everybody is potential enough on influencing other people. So I say lets go do good.

If you think you're not pretty enough. I tell you what, there will always be someone out there that is prettier than the person you thought is already pretty. To think of it, actually it goes in circle. so my question is, until when are you gonna look into the mirror and think you are not yet pretty enough. It won&#…