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kinda personal post?

I think no one cares what I'm about to tell. but I'll tell anyway cause it kinda makes me smile. And I simply wanted to share this. well its a one personal feelings which I don't mind sharing to public.
The sounds that I loves listening to, i meant like really love that my heart could really turn berbunga-bunga because it is so calming and so close to me.


-the sounds of raindrops (not thunderstorms)
-the sounds of piano (I don't have reason for this, but if anyone ever played me a song, my jaws are gonna drop) haha
-the background sounds of people reciting the quran "honestly :)" there's a limit to this where my tears actually flows out.

Morning like this


Hi :D

Weh I got big smiles coming this morning when I open my eyes, I don't know why. I just kinda wake up smiling. and I have a good dream too. a positive one really.

going down
how I get to have this kind of morning?
-when I sleep early day before
-when someone makes me smile the entire night or before sleeps
-when I call my parents or got their phone calls in the morning. whatsapp also counts.
-when I get good dreams

what I did that makes morning so wonderful?
-I effectively do things very early in the morning while everyone is sleeping

such as
-doing my laundry
-go out for breakfast with my old friend that I haven't seen for a while
-eating roti canai at stall
-talk to my mum
-waking up the person that I love

what songs I listen to during this kind of morning
-fun songs (my mood could turn happy sky rocket)
colbie's compilation wins it all

well I just hopes this kind of feeling stays.

and music continues on spotify. hahaha so unnecessary

Allah always got your back : Part 2



since this is ain't draft post. therefore, I apologize for the late I've caused.

last time I said when you change, you bring different outcome. let me gave you an example from my experience.

1. you change and you get good feedback
2. you change and people judge and you turn to your old self
3. you change and you become good at it, but then something drag you back into the past
4. you change and you consistently becoming good and you steadily improve

etc. etc. there are just so many I've experienced

now whichever the above is thats the same as yours I had a firm ideas that it comes with blessings. some things you do, they doesn't necessarily turn out good. perhaps because of how you make it work, you know? the process in between. maybe you got something wrong in between that you don't realize. and turn out that these thing is what keeping you ahead.

I don't blame, because I know people have flaws. but I think that we should fix it and som…

Allah always got your back : Part 1

hi dear readers, thank you for reading you guys really are great :) be ready cause this is a long way down but I think its worth reading it through,  so perasan. on serious node "I hope its worthy". 
I don't know where to begin but the very first thing that popped-up on my head and then follows by my heart to actually write this entry out is,
"Allah always got your back, always." 
and why do I said that? because that is whats always happened to me in my life. every time. just every single time. comes hard, comes easy. 
I always took some times to look back and actually ponder at what I once are and what I've become. and as I did these, I realise just how many times I have falls and then just how every single time He, Allah has been there lifting me up.
I am not a religious girl material to be honest. I don't even recommend my self as someone who is always be and do good. But I'm a strong believer "not beliebers you guys" and al…