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I need some strength

Dear Allah please give me some strength to do a blog revamped. A touch of new color here and there mighttt sparks some fire in my mood to write again. I need your help as always cause man this girl is always like this.

Too many past attachment here that I don't like to looked at. That dims my mood of writing. I don't know (angkat bahu, muka pasrah). Its not like an excuse or anything but its just to write something, it gotta flows like nature but 'it doesn't' get to me this past few months. 9 months to be precise. Tak tahu mana perginya. 
I've got so many post draft that I hesitate on posting for no reason. Simply just a 'naaahhh' and there it goes. stuck in the draft folder. Its like I don't want people to know what's going on with my life. Then this got to me, "was it really people? or you have some particulars?" lol why are you so difficult. Get ur guts together and just go, do 'you'. 
Remember you? Uh-hum that free spirit …