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A bit of wondering I do.

When I say you don't know me, that means you really don't know me, you happen to know perhaps just part of me, or maybe a quarter cause I truly don't show all out of me to strangers, schoolmates, neighbor, people I just met or someone crosses me in the toilet. don't get me wrong, I'm just a girl next door, typical in some sort of a way. not many people know me anyway. not popular nor pretty, the way I see it. simple maybe yes. 
you see, I show everything about me to people who actually live with me, see me every night and day, being there with me almost 24/7. like my family and my housemates or to be precise roommates. so judge whatever you want cause you never really know me anyway and actually you won't be getting anything from it though. I mean people judge even how good you are people still do the judgement. the mentality has been there quite long. so who am I to say anything. perception is something you can't run from. even my impression on you guys is…


If something ever happen to me later, will you be able to cope?