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terlupa terus niat sebenar adoi

third post as for today.

tak packing apa lagi ni, dgn laundry stuff whatnot. being a lazy ass at it best. esok pagi nak balik ni. tak tidur lah malam ni. Its okay though. everyone else's packing that I can't. hahaha cheezy sgt reason. my room mates tgk avatar , the rest are packing stuff, I get so serabut that I decided not to pack any yet. padahal malas gila nak pack. the only one thing that I can procrastinate for sure is packing and so do unpacking. esok2 dah kahwin entah acane tah. haha kahwin lain cerita lah babe. eh termelencong pula.

naaahh I watch movies all day long. not to mentioned some motivational videos, and a life lessons story so do general global stuff (poyo sgt nak global, well it is). it isn't a 100% wasted day actually. its just I practically not moving from my laptop unless for necessary stuff i.e praying, eating, showering, etcetera etcetera.

actually this is not what I intended to write. zzzz okay now i'll cut the crap.

and suddenly I forgot …

summing up 2nd year of degree

Second year of degree,

are just full of surprises and unpredictable. could it be unique, haha? well its a half and half experiences, which started at main campus and ended at branch campus.

Was the center point of my studies. it went well but it goes pretty much hell, not that I'm trying to exaggerate. but it really describes everything. In my third semester, I flunk my programming subject. this semester I don't know how many are gonna shows up but I really am nervous just thinking about it.

I admit I'm not really serious on certain subjects but come on. I work hard this semester compared to last semester. I'm not blindly studying anymore, I starting to understand what I study. well yes literally. the further you go the tougher it gets. I get it. but still, I work hard. maybe not extremely hard, but harder than my previous semester if you get what I mean. I'm not trying to put up with any excuses for me to feel better in case anything bad happens later. its just th…



I'm so through with examinations as for this semester. I can't really tell how intense this semester is but I have given all out with my studies, projects presentations and everything for now. all I'm gonna do regarding it, is just to sit and pray.

I wanna go back home. get enough sleep, spend time with my families and do baking stuff and just be happy. I wanna pull out all the stress and get my face clean up. I already looks like some kind of a zombie friend or something that is why I needed a self treatment. So far, I believe that being home are gonna help a lot. kind of a therapy. when you got people that you love surround you. the energy is there.

I got future plannings and some resolutions for this holiday that I highly hope I could accomplish accordingly.

hey, I got some quote here that sounds like this "Silence is confidence, Loud is insecurity" which I read it somewhere. ever since it, I keep thinking about it and I think I lives in both situation…

I never lost hopes.


ya Allah  In my lost of yesterday, I hope I found you today.  I know I'm far from strong if it is without your help.  I know I do sins because of how weak I am. I know you accept me and I know you love me. I want to love you the way you did but I always know you're greater. There are hopes I bring. There are lights I seek. I know you've always been with me. I know you listen to what I says. I wanna remember you as much as you remember us. There are times when I cry and I tell you stories.  And then I read your love letter compilation, and I feel you sooth my heart. You heal what meant to be broken. You help when I'm falling hard. You gave me tears so I can tell if I'm sad. You gave me so much already. No matter how much I thank you, I know it can't repay everything you gave to me. So if there's a bit space for me to find who I really am. I hope you'll be guiding me along the way. And if there's tiny bit of possibilities that I would fall,…

back to Shah Alam #friendships

can't tell how much I miss life at shah alam. driving back and forth every morning and night. driving home alone. I miss it. I miss waking up and having my families getting ready for schools and works, sitting for breakfast together. I miss morning scent while driving walaupun pepagi it is an everyday jam from klang all the way entering shah alam. I miss it though.

it is fun and exciting waking up and getting ready for class, drive and park my car where it normally be at. lunch hour , dinner, PPAS, library, every single thing about shah alam that I had in mind. midnight movie hunt. friendships and everything that made me function happily.

my night life, catching up the moment where we normally chills at. all those mamak places, cendols day, subang and sunway, setia city. all those days going to KL chilling until dawn and straight away went for classes. study all night long till I can't afford it. watching new year fireworks and celebrating birthdays. crazy stuff. you guys are …