Secrets. How I handle em'

Assalamualaikum, Hi.

everyone has their own secrets right? who doesn't?

I am a secretive person. I kept it down below. yes that's who I am.
But its not like I don't tell anything at all. I have principle in the secrets I kept.

such as:

-If its humiliating. anyone. I repeat "anyone" (friends, fam's, enemy, etc) then I  won't tell.
because you represents others. not just yourselves, (that! you have to remember my friend). if you humiliate people. you eventually humiliating yourself in the process. so lets cut it. lives a little healthy.

-When people ask me to kept theirs.
you know what? you always have something that you wanted to share. cause you're human. and that is perfectly normal. so if people ask for your help, consider yourself lucky. cause you're trustworthy. so don't go behind and break it. lives with pride on. honesty is always the best policy.

-When I try not to breaks anyones heart because of myself.
THIS! this is honestly a very dangerous principle I kept. I'm not lying. cause sometimes it works and sometimes it gets even messier. because sometimes what you meant is to keep them happy and not heartbroken, but not everyone accept it well. cause its not you who decided how they feel. could be by keeping it a secret is the best, could also be by telling it is the wisest decision.

You see? you have to be smart on this. you have to look on the situation. And you must know what's best and what's not and it is also not just in your hands. So i believe, the best way is always to discuss it over, like asking them, should you tell them or should you not. and the consequences is for the both to take.

-When it revealed the worst in you.
Sometimes people like to do this. I did it too. back then. but then I realised that it's a sign of weakness. In my opinion, truth is you don't have to bring the worst in you. Just keep it to yourself. and try to be a better version of yesterday. be better. Telling people the darkest and worst about you will only make people look down upon you. And believe me you don't want that in the means of you trying to be better and improving. It could breaks you. So just keep it to yourself, and you can have a look at it, once, as a lessons and then start to head forward. and forward. and forward. Get me? then all you have to do is to let bygone be bygone. Lives in the moment. not the past.

P/s: You  can be better than what you think you are. just work on it. In Shaa Allah it will come. Amin.

Thank you for reading!


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