Chapter 1


So, here I go again, I thought I would never come back. after those days, I deleted everything I really don't think of coming back writing again. but I think I was wrong. I think writing sooth me most.

at first I told myself, twitter is enough, I can still write and expresses my thought in general but then I was wrong. twitter had this limited capacity for my words and thoughts. hahaha. I couldn't get enough. I need a medium, the right medium, so yeah. I blog again. nonetheless that I know I don't have anyone who really read it but I like keeping stuff (i.e the untold memories) . It's good to go through the pages once in a while. to recap back what you had in mind, in life. pretty much it.

just now I discover something that I never notices before. I just realize that every single time that I read, I surely wanted to write. it seems like a feedback to what I have read. I was analyzing and stating my point of view for that specific reading. Then I feel like I had this blood of a writer in me. hahaha I laugh at it okay, I know. but I really am good at writing ever since I was a kid. I wanted to become a writer also. yeah I practically planned on being one. but never sharpened and get skilled enough for me to write a book. it was extreme but I'll be happy if i ended in that path. I adore lots of writer back then and still have my favorites on my mind.

there was time when I stop reading, cause I got too addicted in it I actually abandoned the compulsory such as studying for the exams. so, I stop. I regret that I stop because it was so hard to started reading again. I got distracted with this issues for a while, then I started reading blog with an intention to gain back those reading passion I once had. but up until now I still stuck at reading books. I hated subjects cause I need to read. I become so lazy to read that I even fail certain subjects. and all those hatred start to pile up until there is one time I said to my friend, I really dislike reading, don't give me assignments where I have to read. that bad.

this issues now is growing bigger. I need to control it. I hope I can. because we are nothing without knowledge. it is basically your treasure to keep. and in terms to get knowledge you need to read. I pray I'll start reading books again and not just empty reading. but something I can gain from it. Insya'Allah. aminnn.


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