Self reflect

looking into your life, you found everything comes with reason. every single thing trust me. then you look into other people life you found something just can't quite match yours. and you said how lucky they are. without this slightest idea how they actually felt the same about you. you see each of us have a little disadvantages in us that become other people advantage if you get what I mean. so if you feel likely a little down about your life. you need to make a call throughout every senses in you to have a look at some people who is living their life with uncertainty of tomorrow.

I keep telling myself, you may not be rich, you may not have those expensive stuff like others but in life you are not living it lows. I still get to eat my favorite food, I still go chilling out with others just a little not too much and I think I should be thankful already. Yes, I seek for a better future, having goals to wanting a better surroundings, better achievements but first I gotta go through the hard stages first. This tough life aren't gonna hold me back from getting what I want, the good one of course.

To went through all those days I never said it was easy. too many ups and down. too many tears. too many broken heart. but then eventually it passes. time comes and go. I know I need to do something, I know I can't just be equal, I need to become more than that. all this thing that pulls me below the ground are not gonna hold me forever, that I promise. I take it as challenges, an obstacles that I desired to pass. I know life will hit and wrestle me each time but I just got to fight back.

therefore in life, you need to put aside all those complaints. you need to re-think of any possible ways to get you to the top. you need to get a positive surrounding, be with positive people cause their energy influence you. you just need to wake up and walk bravely. be generous, be grateful in life and give loves as many as you can.


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