Midnight memories

good news is spreading everywhere.

this morning shiro sangatlah manja, meow2 and siap baring atas tangan lagi while I'm sleeping and she do her exercises activity on my lap. so manja, I can't resist. and then right before we went out for library housemate bagitau that we already got cucu. SHIRO GAVE BIRTH. omg so excited. 4 cute kittens. no name yet. no wonderlah manja sangat, minta orang teman dia nak lahirkan anak rupaya. so adorable. I love her endlessly but still can't afford to do her the shower part. always been rau and say who did those stuff. I love her though.

during nights.
while scrolling and studying at the same time suddenly I stop at this one picture of a guy who looks exactly macam arwah abang hakim. though the last two years before he leave us we didn't talk that much. but I miss him. cause he's one of those person who has been there during my worst of time. yeah I really miss his advises and funny side of him and he singing for me and all those stupid jokes. I miss him. semoga arwah ditempatkan bersama-sama orang yang beriman. amin. He's one of those nice person that I've met. The best part of him is always that humble attitude even I've known him ever since the bad day but he never loses hopes to change for the better. so polite and so kind at heart. tak pernah sangka that he will leave so soon. even mama cries a lot during the day. He kinda have a good bond with mama. I still recall every moment of him leaving all of us and return to where we belong. It feels like only yesterday. now it has been almost two years without you. but my prayer has always been by your side and I know many people love you and even Allah loves you more.  doaku semoga kamu sejahtera disana.


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