Mimpi tah mende mende tah.

I laugh so hard remembering this.
So here it goes, I dream of shiro(kucing) this afternoon. ceritanya, petang tadi we ate carbonara made by daniel. thanks to you I got my stomach full filling it with your handmade carbonara. not bad either. so, kenyang-kenyang plus pula cuaca kat luar punyalah panas, so my head got really sleepy that made me tertidur sampai after asar if I'm not mistaken.

dalam tidur tu, I mimpi shiro. at that moment rau was playing games on ipod, and I was kinda interrupting her with the games. (sakat people was kinda part time job I guess) and then I saw shiro was playing on top of her clothes. you know how I am with her(cat). I jump at her and goes excited and then I played with her, but then suddenly she turned into black cat. I freak out lah apa lagi. terus bangun, and shuhhh shuhhh that cat dari bilik but it practically not making an inch of movement.

then, I go by the door, open it and trying to get that cat attention. shiro was really mad when she looks at the black cat. I figure dia orang macam nak gaduh, but then tiba2 shiro runs toward the door and lompat on top of the open door. I'm surprise cause she can't do that. she looks trembling and that black cat was trying to catch her. tak boleh nak cakap how pissed off I felt about that black cat.

Oh I forgot to mention that it was one huge black cat. so, with all my effort I try to push it out from the house. but practically it doesn't move. don't know why. and then the way it looks at me, sgt scary. So apa lagi, jerit lah nama rau asking for help. but all she did was just giving me that "apa?" question. still concentrating on her game.

Pelik tau, I mean that cat tu mcm benda apa je, macam hantu pun ada. punyalah I scream mcm nak menangis calling rau sampai my scream terkeluar mimpi. rau time tu mmg tengah main game, and she confusedly asked me why dgn muka pelik dia tu. and I was like okay baru sedar itu hanyalah mimpi, that I was still on my bed and there is no such black cat. shiro was nicely lying down there sleeping. feeling stupid, I just laugh back at her and cover my face with the pillow. malu aku mimpi sampai terkeluar tidur, and I laugh so hard before I can get my head straight and told her the whole story. lastly we both laugh. she laugh at me and it goes wild. thanks for the joke man.

and all I get after that is : tu lahh, lain kali drag lah lagi tidur smpai after asar. gosh. I hate it.


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