My life is a mess

Its the final week of class. I can't think straight anymore. my life is a total mess. I don't sleep like normal people . I don't eat like normal people. I tend to get emotional. I cry a lot. I hate it when it happen. I don't know why you keep being on my mind. doesn't matter you remember me or not, I just kinda miss you. I need mama, if she's here, she would totally be my savior and  my sisters would be there soothing me at least.

I can't live life this way. but works are never gonna settle at the moment. I'm all stressed. I haven't ate all day long. and It's already 10 pm. my stomach ache. I think gastric are approaching. At this age, being a cry babies suck. I don't wanna talk projects. It's hell. I even got one last project at this final week. I don't even get it how that happen. It just kinda happen and I don't wanna know why.

I wish I can go through all this nice and steady.

P/s: It'll be very nice if I have someone here comforting me what with all the stress piling up. Just saying.

I think whatever it is. Alhamdulillah, still I am capable of working on it. never mind the sickness and all. It wasn't a degree if I don't cry and get sick while studying. Just gotta take things positively and thanking Allah will be the best, always. I hope I survive during finals.


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