back to Shah Alam #friendships

can't tell how much I miss life at shah alam. driving back and forth every morning and night. driving home alone. I miss it. I miss waking up and having my families getting ready for schools and works, sitting for breakfast together. I miss morning scent while driving walaupun pepagi it is an everyday jam from klang all the way entering shah alam. I miss it though.

it is fun and exciting waking up and getting ready for class, drive and park my car where it normally be at. lunch hour , dinner, PPAS, library, every single thing about shah alam that I had in mind. midnight movie hunt. friendships and everything that made me function happily.

my night life, catching up the moment where we normally chills at. all those mamak places, cendols day, subang and sunway, setia city. all those days going to KL chilling until dawn and straight away went for classes. study all night long till I can't afford it. watching new year fireworks and celebrating birthdays. crazy stuff. you guys are friendships at its best. all six of us every single day. yeah I miss it. went to pahang and did barbecues at beach, went to Malacca together checking up new campus. went for tarawih at masjid besar, breakfasting. running for free movie tickets. went to Cheras doing the wedd's stuff. I treasure it with you guys. helping each other out on studies, projects and all those horror assignments days. pranks among us for those who are lucky enough. I list it already but still it's a long list to go.

currently at Malacca and things aren't that bad either but i have to admit it is not the same, too many changes. some are good but some are just not as exciting as it normally is. but am thankful for everything. even we fought over small or big things, already knowing flaws in each and one of us. but still I think we have it in us. sometimes people say stuff they are not supposed to say. sometime words slip out of tongue hurting each other without realizing. nothing is better than a word of forgiveness. I cherish and I know we all did. as far as my hope went high I pray friendships remain. to have people during days are brighter are millions but you all are one among the millions that has been there when clouds get thicker. I appreciate it. To have hurt anyone of you guys without me realizing it. I apologizes as I'm no perfectionist. may this friendships get better from time to time :)


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