I'm so through with examinations as for this semester. I can't really tell how intense this semester is but I have given all out with my studies, projects presentations and everything for now. all I'm gonna do regarding it, is just to sit and pray.

I wanna go back home. get enough sleep, spend time with my families and do baking stuff and just be happy. I wanna pull out all the stress and get my face clean up. I already looks like some kind of a zombie friend or something that is why I needed a self treatment. So far, I believe that being home are gonna help a lot. kind of a therapy. when you got people that you love surround you. the energy is there.

I got future plannings and some resolutions for this holiday that I highly hope I could accomplish accordingly.


hey, I got some quote here that sounds like this "Silence is confidence, Loud is insecurity" which I read it somewhere. ever since it, I keep thinking about it and I think I lives in both situations. sometimes I got really silent but sometimes I can be very loud. so I was wondering does that make me insecure? still, I wonder.


oh and this holy month of Ramadan was full of blessings. I could feel it. Am thankful for all that He has given to me.


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