I never lost hopes.


ya Allah 
In my lost of yesterday, I hope I found you today. 
I know I'm far from strong if it is without your help. 
I know I do sins because of how weak I am.
I know you accept me and I know you love me.
I want to love you the way you did but I always know you're greater.
There are hopes I bring.
There are lights I seek.
I know you've always been with me.
I know you listen to what I says.
I wanna remember you as much as you remember us.
There are times when I cry and I tell you stories. 
And then I read your love letter compilation, and I feel you sooth my heart.
You heal what meant to be broken.
You help when I'm falling hard.
You gave me tears so I can tell if I'm sad.
You gave me so much already.
No matter how much I thank you, I know it can't repay everything you gave to me.
So if there's a bit space for me to find who I really am.
I hope you'll be guiding me along the way.
And if there's tiny bit of possibilities that I would fall, I hope you'll pull me back.
I always wish I'll be there with the people you loves.
And I always wish I'll reach that point no matter how slow it went, I hope I reach.
And I hope I'm not gonna be late for it to happen. 
I hope I find the right person and always be with the right person. 
And so often that you lift the burden in this heart.
I know I'm being blessed.
Thank you Allah :)

P/s: I'll always be searching for those lights, and I hope there's a call to my heart that last forever and there's Ad-din in me. Insha Allah amin. 


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