terlupa terus niat sebenar adoi

third post as for today.

tak packing apa lagi ni, dgn laundry stuff whatnot. being a lazy ass at it best. esok pagi nak balik ni. tak tidur lah malam ni. Its okay though. everyone else's packing that I can't. hahaha cheezy sgt reason. my room mates tgk avatar , the rest are packing stuff, I get so serabut that I decided not to pack any yet. padahal malas gila nak pack. the only one thing that I can procrastinate for sure is packing and so do unpacking. esok2 dah kahwin entah acane tah. haha kahwin lain cerita lah babe. eh termelencong pula.

naaahh I watch movies all day long. not to mentioned some motivational videos, and a life lessons story so do general global stuff (poyo sgt nak global, well it is). it isn't a 100% wasted day actually. its just I practically not moving from my laptop unless for necessary stuff i.e praying, eating, showering, etcetera etcetera.

actually this is not what I intended to write. zzzz okay now i'll cut the crap.


and suddenly I forgot the real thing I wish on saying. duuhh. 


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