Final Year

Bismillah, Hi.
Banyaknya benda nak cakap, banyaknya benda that are currently happening. And I learned a lot since the past few months. 

A lot going on with Uni’s , since I assume no one really read pun my blog, and if there is anyone who reads it, normally are people that is close to me. So, it’s my final year if anyone comes across not knowing it. Well yes it is. One thing I rather not lie about it is how hell the days get when you’re about to reach the end.

I’ll be entering my final semester on March so let’s get prepare. FYP gonna be my new mantra for next semester because it holds up a large amount of credit hours (6 ya’all). I don’t care if architecture students have like maximum of 8 credit hours per subject or even more.  5 semester experiences and the only max hour I get are 4. So, don’t judge me with 6. It’s not a playground dude.

However, I was quite happy with past semester. Why? because I made it through yyaayyy. Sebenarnya, kinda cannot yaayy lagi sebab result belum keluar. Haha so wait some more and I’ll party out loud. If it’s a good results lah kan. Well I can partyyy with reciting some yassin perhaps; because I could never make it through if it’s not because of His help.

Summary of past semester:
-Not much drama
-I Ignore people
-I learned a lot
-Effort at its best

What I learned:
-glass and diamond are different, if you open your eyes and your heart, you will see
-never take people down, you’ll loss eventually
-be good, feel good, and think good and you’ll be just fine
-there’s no point in arguing, it’s a wasteful thing
-avoid negative thoughts
-no pain no gain, takde benda senang dalam dunia ni, kesenangan bermula dari kesusahan.
-whenever people do bad things to you. Ignore them. One day they’ll realize their wrongdoing.
-forgive and forget

-and oh, emotion is a powerful thing, learn to control it.don't want to end up hurting each other.


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