Morning like this


Hi :D

Weh I got big smiles coming this morning when I open my eyes, I don't know why. I just kinda wake up smiling. and I have a good dream too. a positive one really.

going down
how I get to have this kind of morning?
-when I sleep early day before
-when someone makes me smile the entire night or before sleeps
-when I call my parents or got their phone calls in the morning. whatsapp also counts.
-when I get good dreams

what I did that makes morning so wonderful?
-I effectively do things very early in the morning while everyone is sleeping

such as
-doing my laundry
-go out for breakfast with my old friend that I haven't seen for a while
-eating roti canai at stall
-talk to my mum
-waking up the person that I love

what songs I listen to during this kind of morning
-fun songs (my mood could turn happy sky rocket)
colbie's compilation wins it all

well I just hopes this kind of feeling stays.

and music continues on spotify. hahaha so unnecessary


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