Allah always got your back : Part 1


hi dear readers, thank you for reading you guys really are great :) be ready cause this is a long way down but I think its worth reading it through,  so perasan. on serious node "I hope its worthy". 

I don't know where to begin but the very first thing that popped-up on my head and then follows by my heart to actually write this entry out is,

"Allah always got your back, always." 

and why do I said that? because that is whats always happened to me in my life. every time. just every single time. comes hard, comes easy. 

I always took some times to look back and actually ponder at what I once are and what I've become. and as I did these, I realise just how many times I have falls and then just how every single time He, Allah has been there lifting me up.

I am not a religious girl material to be honest. I don't even recommend my self as someone who is always be and do good. But I'm a strong believer "not beliebers you guys" and also a follower of my religion, always trying to improve this one out however. I know what is wrong and I know what is right. what is suggested in my religion and what is not. Only that it took me times to actually put it in my heart. Its always been hard for certain thing when they are not really what you practice everyday.

or even maybe something bad had gotten into your mind and its kinda distracting and you wanna it to go away but its just so hard, so you keep doing the wrong things. but even though its hard. I believe that good things will eventually come up later. I always believe in that. like so optimist. but nahhh.

the thing is, how do you change for better?

its not easy, and as I said this I really am pressing on those "not easy" word. cause it's true. 

there will be like so many different outcome as you try changing yourself out. but no matter what it is, just promise to yourself that you will keep trying until you achieve your aim. you knowww,, usual stuff "fall seven times, rise at eight" yeah its totally normal to fail. don't worry. the value is in your effort. and the price is in what you achieve. 

Oh wow, I don't fancy long entry in the same page.
so if you think its okay to read some more, go to my next entry post. 


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