Allah always got your back : Part 2



since this is ain't draft post. therefore, I apologize for the late I've caused.

last time I said when you change, you bring different outcome. let me gave you an example from my experience.

1. you change and you get good feedback
2. you change and people judge and you turn to your old self
3. you change and you become good at it, but then something drag you back into the past
4. you change and you consistently becoming good and you steadily improve

etc. etc. there are just so many I've experienced

now whichever the above is thats the same as yours I had a firm ideas that it comes with blessings. some things you do, they doesn't necessarily turn out good. perhaps because of how you make it work, you know? the process in between. maybe you got something wrong in between that you don't realize. and turn out that these thing is what keeping you ahead.

I don't blame, because I know people have flaws. but I think that we should fix it and sometimes even fixing things takes one, two or even more times than you had imagined. thats why changing is a slow process. to take something new and put it, even keep it in your heart, it require times. could be earlier, could be longer than you thought but never faster.

easier conclude - things that you adapt too fast, you often forget the next second. because there's a missing piece you accidentally didn't notice.

so in whatever you do, have faith in your creator. if He's not giving you what you want now, then maybe later. if you think He's not giving it at all, then maybe its for the best of you. likewise, He always know the best in everything, remember?

not only faith, be positive. positive vibes always do you good.

I personally think that He always have He's own way of telling me something. sometimes when people kinda remind me of things I should be responsible of, and I kind feel knock off with what I take for granted, thats when I think maybe He's trying to tell me something. that maybe I'm off the track again. so, Its okay I'll just cry it out till my nose got runny and then I ask for His help. hehe.

because I often ask Him to look after myself cause I am such a careless person, I often slide off the side, doing things that is not to be proud off. I always projected to the wrong way and only because that I am working on knowing myself better so I always turned out sad when things doesn't fall the way I wanted them too. but I  don't mourn for it for days, its just for a few short minutes. then I stood back. the kind of thing that I think people should have in their self. so I'm practicing it. well guys, just be good and take care.  and remember that good thing doesn't come easy.
have faith in your creator, yourself, and the ones you loved.

oh one little advice. be careful on who you hurt. and tongue is a very bad enemy that are as close as friend. use it wisely.

thank you for those generous heart and willingness on reading my post of entry :)

to whom I may accidentally hurt, I'm sorry, I don't have such intention, this post got nothing to do with anyone who's reading it.


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